Monday, 29 June 2009

Major Exciting News Coming Soon!

Just want to let everyone know I have another very, very exciting project to share with you tomorrow. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while now, so I’m really pleased to finally roll it out. Please check back!
Next up, Wimbledon! At 11p.m. on Friday night, I discovered my friend had an extra ticket for the next morning on Court One (the one next to Center Court). The tickets could not have been any better – directly behind a player, first row, exactly center. The tickets were from a friend of a friend. He must’ve been rich because those seats must have been super expensive.
I heard the grunts. I saw the sweat. I almost got sun stroke it was that hot. I had never been to Wimbledon before and was amazed at how huge everything is. There’s courts everywhere.
Matches viewed: Radek Stepanek vs. David Ferrer, Nikolay Davydenko vs. Tomas Berdych, and Tommy Haas vs. Marin Cilic.
You either have tickets for Center Court or Court One or you have a day pass to the grounds which enables you to walk around, grab a seat for a match on one of the outlying courts if you can, sit on the hill (like the above two ladies) with your picnic and watch the Center Court match on the big screen TV or stand around in queues (lines) trying to get a seat for one of the outer courts.

I always endeavor to bring you the crafty side of events, so here’s a look at the Ralph Lauren navy blazers with white piping, white caps, and fitted blue and white thin striped cotton tee shirts with white collar and cuffs. They were the best dressed umpires I have ever seen.
She was my favourite. Doesn't she belong in a Ralph Lauren ad?

Strawberries and cream was far too expensive, $5 for like 5 strawberries and a bit of cream. (The strawberries above which is a photo of my breakfast one morning would probably have been $25.) Pimms was a variety of prices depending on where you bought it. Champagne was almost $50 for a half bottle. I saw many an empty one, so who would know we were in a recession? I would highly recommend going to Wimbledon if you have the chance, but take a hat, lots of sunscreen, and a wallet full of cash. This shows the speed of a player's serve. I saw one guy serve 123mph!

Also, thank you to Sophie’s Mama of Cardz for U for the lovely blog award. It is really appreciated.
Did I mention I have major exciting news for tomorrow? Check back!


Merry said...

Thanks for letting us join you there at Wimbeldon with your story and photos. Probably the closest I will ever get. :-)

June said...

Hiya, aww thanks for the fun and the pics and look forward to seeing what the secret is that you are holding back lol
Hugs June x

clare's craftroom said...

Lucky you being at the tennis , I'd love to see Roger play . I'll be back to check your big news tomorrow.

Tertia said...

You are so lucky! I would give anything just to be there and drink in the atmpsphere! Instead I am sitting at home, freezing my little behind off!!! At least I am getting some tings done I suppose.

Nannieflash said...

I have a feeling you enjoyed your trip to Wimbledon, I like it that our lad got through so Im keeping my fingers crossed that he might win the championship. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

Emily said...

Thanks for the pictures you lucky girl! I'll be back tomorrow to check on the exciting new post.

Clare said...

Lucky thing, I bet it was very exciting. Hot too.... That's the trouble with Wimbledon, it's either too hot or raining!! hugs Clare x