Saturday, 13 June 2009

Jet Surprize!

I was madly glittering away at my work table near the front window when I heard a thunderous rumbling in the air. I’m on the flight path to Heathrow, so my first thought was a plane was coming down.

My glue stick fell.

The windows started rattling.

Trembling hands knocked over glitter.

Pedestrians on the sidewalk pointed toward the sky.


Three red arrow jets zoomed past my window in formation.
Now I remember – the guards were practicing outside Buckingham Palace two weeks ago.
It’s the Queen’s official birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Your Majesty!
So where’s my invite? Am I the only one who didn't receive her invite yet in the post?


June said...

Thank goodness thats all it was and what amazing pics !!! and love your glitter butterfly too
Hugs June xxx

June said...

Oh and ..........
never mind the queens birthday official or not .... its my 50th birthday in a few hours time ... tomorrow lol !!!!
Have a fab weekend my friend
Hugs June xxx

Jess's Crafty Things said...

i just saw the tele on BBC 1 - I am glad they had good weather today for the celebrations

Merry said...

Great photos...lucky you have your camera handy.

Angie said...

Super photo's,
lovely butterfly,