Saturday, 6 June 2009

Great Gorgeous Glitter!

I absolutely adore Martha Stewart's gorgeous glitter! I have finally got to the glitter crafting on my Extremely Crafty List of things to do and I have been on a glitter crafting storm.

Of course, I never want to waste any of the precious glitter, so I pour each color glitter on a different color piece of paper and then delicately try to pour it back in the bottle. It usually works until the really sad occasion when I knock a bottle over and it goes everywhere. Don't you just hate that?

Well, lucky for me, I seem to repel the glitter, but unlucky for my boyfriend, he must be glitter magnetized because whenever he comes over, within five minutes, I find glitter behind his ears and on his nose. (Kind of like a puppy, but don't tell him.)

Here's a peak at what I've been crafting. Can anyone guess what they are?


Spyder said...
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Spyder said...

Sorry! Pressed the wrong button...Ummm..oh yes, I thought it was shoe liners or just hearts covered in glitter of course...My hubby is used to glitter, as I often use the ironing board to craft, of course glitter on his work shirts is nothing knew to him...and seeing some of his workmates have in the past dressed up as dancing fairies,they can't really say too much!

Bee said...

I'm thinking butterflies?
Gorgeous glitter ...although I'm always at a loss where to use it (it looks pretty left in the pots anyway!)
- Bee Crafty

Merry said...

I was thinking butterflies also. Glitter is so much fun. I always end up with one piece just below my eye so it bugs me all day.

Poppy said...

dont know what they are, it doesn't matter because anything with glitter is just fab.I love being all glittery.

michele said...

Spyder - I love that your hubby goes to work wearing glittery workshirts and he works with dancing fairies!