Sunday, 14 June 2009

London's Naked Bike Ride & More Glitter Butterflies

(C) 2009 Peter Marshall
I've recently taken up cycling, but I can assure you my legs are not strong enough to have cycled in Saturday's Annual Naked Bike Ride through London. There were about 1,200 cyclists who participated in protest of emissions on the environment. At least, that's what some said. I think a lot just wanted to get their kit off.

These photographs are from Peter Marshall's cool site. Check it out here for more great photos.
Now onto crafts. I know I said last week I would show you what I had made with my Martha Stewart glitter butterflies, but I'm afraid I'm going to keep you guessing a little longer. I went wild this weekend and made a whole bunch more new butterflies and started finishing off some of the earlier ones. I won't reveal yet what I'm doing because I want to make sure they look good in an unusual sort of way, not just unusual in an unusual sort of way.

So if you had a naked bike ride in your town, would you cycle naked? I won't ask if you think I would.


Spyder said...

Sorry no way!! I can only think...ow! I'd have such a sort bum!! I'd need a huge pillow!!...Check out the guy on the left with his clothes on...did he just nip out to get some fags and got swallowed up in the ride..?


Merry said...

I am with Spyder...I could not think of anything more uncomfortable. A race not for me. Will have to ask hubby though as he is a keen cyclist. Love those butterflies.

Anonymous said...

my daughter ran the naked mile when she was in university

Pili said...

I'm all for no emissions and all that, but sorry, I don't think I'll do nothing naked in public... unless we turn into a nude society!

And those glitter butterflies are GORGEOUS!!

michele said...

Yeah, Spyder, who is that fully clothed man?

Lynette said...

Cycling way! Much to modest for that.

I love the butterflies...gorgeous creations.

Manuel said...

Hi Michelle:

I think I would. (about naked bike)
But I don't know what people is going to think of me when they see me naked.