Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunset Polo

Yesterday evening, I went to Ham Polo Club in Richmond to watch a sunset polo game between Argentina and the Rest of the World.

The players chased the ball up one side of the field...

And back down the other...

The players had a few skirmishes...Until finally Argentina scored a few goals...

and Argentina Won!
Magnums of champagne were sprayed and everyone boogied in the clubhouse to the DJ spinning the tunes.
On a more crafty note, earlier in the evening, there had been a match between some boys and girls. I absolutely loved the design of the girls shirts - pink with swirling roses. Where can I sign up to play so I can get one of those awesome shirts? The roses remind me of the ones that creep up towers where damsels in distress roll down their long blond curls.
On another crafty note, one of the guys I work with just got married. He brought in wedding cake for everyone, but I was working from home those two days and by the time I got back, it had all been gobbled up. All except two sugar roses that had sat atop the cake that now have pride of place in my kitchen. If my husband gave away my sugar flowers, I don't think I'd be very amused, but he said they had bags of them in the fridge and didn't know what to do with them. I'll give these two a home.
I absolutely adore flowers made out of sugar. I took a cake decorating class - once a week for a whole year - just so I could learn to make roses. They intrigue me. They're mini sculptures, so delicate they could be smashed at any moment.

If you're married, what did your wedding cake look like? Did anyone make their own cake? Any wedding cake disaster stories? If you're not married, what would your dream wedding cake look like?


Nannieflash said...

Hi, I watched polo at Ham Polo club over 40 years ago and I was amazed how they go up and down the pitch, I think Jimmy Edwards was playing that day. Anyway I love your sugar roses to, I make paper ones and they always amaze me as to how beautiful they are. with love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

Pili said...

Yummy cake!!

I think I'd want a simple cake, but those roses are sooo beautiful!

clare's craftroom said...

My wedding was very casual . I was so lucky as my Mum made my cake (fruit cake) and my siser in law decorated , funny you just reminded me of all that .

michele said...

I always think it is great if everything at a wedding is home made. It's so special. As for paper roses, they sound really lovely, Shirley. How did you learn to make them?

Spyder said...

Back from Cornwall, and missed blogging so trying to catch up!!
My mum used to make suger roses, they looked real!
I used to play Polo..we used broom sticks and bean bags!
My daughter had a homemade wedding cake, it was chocolate! yum!