Saturday, 20 June 2009

Come with Me to Ascot

Bets were placed and horses raced.
Men wore kilts and some wore stilts. (lobster girl) Flags waved and friends were made. . .

Despite the cloud, the band played loud.

And I must say, it was a great day!


Angie said...

Love your hat,
glad you had a great day,

Merry said...

I your hat...looks like such a fun day.

Anonymous said...

I like your hat.wish I was there.

mi sello personal said...

Beautiful pictures..hugs JLaura

Helen said...

WOW! What a crowd, what a day , what a hat!

Any excuse to glam up and wave flags is a great day out for me. Thanks once again for sharing all your adventures.


Felt-o-rama said...

Oh my, I simply adore your hat! I want to move to England just so I can have more excuses to wear fun 'fascinators' :D