Monday, 1 June 2009

Inspired by all my Card Making Followers . . .

The code for the Extremely Crafty button has been fixed!

I've been on a card making kick and a a babushka boom. I challenged myself to a Babushka Challenge - using the same pattern, how many different looking babushka patterns could I make?

On this card, I've used recycled Christmas card stamps.

Made the card the same way as the chocolate wrapper Babushka posted about yesterday, but added stamps instead of candy wrappers. When I was a day camp leader many years ago, we used to have Christmas in July. That started me off making presents in July, but now I've started even earlier in May.

Has anyone started making Christmas cards and presents or am I the only one?

p.s. - how many of you love babushkas?


Merry said...

So clever you are....I have stamps put aside to one day use on cards...just never thought how to. Off to try your button again.

JLaura said...

So beautiful card,and fantastic stamps ,than´s again for your visit.....JLaura

Clare said...

This is fab, very clever recycling. I love Babushka too. Well done, hugs Clare x

Nannieflash said...

Wow Michelle, what a brilliant idea, I love collecting stamps as they are so very pretty and I dont like to throw them away, but I think youve started a new craze using them like that. Well done love and hugs Shirleyxxx
And you are most welcome about your button, I couldnt get it to work to so I just saved the picture and then copied your email address and put it in that way.

Lynette said...

Amazing what eye candy a few stamps can make.

craftychris said...

wow really unusual ,with the stamps
love it

chris x
ive put your blog btton on my blog page

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Very innovative and pretty way to make a Christmas Card!!