Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Giveaway, Cheese Rolling, & Crafts!

Thank you Shirley, Merry, Gvendalen, June, Dawny, Julie, Bev & RockerJewlz for adding the Extremely Crafty button to your site.

If you would like a chance to WIN the “How to Sell Greeting Cards 101” 28 page pdf e-book (as per below post), copy and paste the Extremely Crafty button to your site and le me know you’ve done so via a post. Winner to be announced next Sunday!

As for recent crazy British events, the annual Cheese Rolling event happened once again at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, England.
Image courtesy of Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Contestants chase a Double Gloucester Cheese down a steep incline of Cooper's Hill . Thousands gather to watch, a few chasers usually end up in hospital and the winner - well, he walks away with the cheese.

Would even Wallace of Wallace and Gromit throw themselves down a hill for cheese? This tradition dates back hundreds of years and has seen countless of broekn bones. Does anyone out there know the significance of chasing cheese?
As for crafts, I was busy painting Babushkas this weekend. Is anyone else out there Babushka mad?


Angie said...

Love your babushka,
I have your logo on my blog as well,

Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

I love Babushka too! I have added your logo to my blog.
Deborah x

Sam said...

LOL Only we English could throw ourselves down a steep hillside after a lump of cheese!!!! and then call it fun :)

Love the new Babushka's



craftychris said...

love the card .so cute

chris x

Lynette said...

I don't think I will throw myself down a hill after a rolling cheese...nope...I am pretty sure I will not!

Nannieflash said...

Wow I didnt realise you could find so many different ways of colouring and creating such stunning images with them. I love your babushka, its beautifully bright.
And Ive no idea why anyone would want to through themselves down a hill after a cheese, unless they really are that crazy about cheese. Love and hugs Shirleyxxx

Poppy said...

love the babuska, have added a link on my blog.

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

I added your logo on my blog! Thanks so much!

artangel said...

I love the cheese chasers photo! Do these people know they can just go and buy Double Gloucester in any supermarket, without having to risk life and limb ha ha?
Your blue Babushka is lovely! Funnily enough I have a half painted one somewhere - you may have inspired me to finish it off!

clare's craftroom said...

I've never really been keen on babushkas , funny now the more I see them the more I like them .

rkdsign88 said...

Very cute :)
You have an award, please free to grab it at my blog www.rkdsign88.blogspot.com

mi sello personal said...

Hi,only visiting your beautiful blog ...Laura

Artyjen said...

Made a babushka for a comp last year...but it did not make the cut!! Love the blog and your e-zine on Venice..spookily I have the Hotel Danieli on my favourites just in case I ever have any spare cash to go there for Carnival!! I keep dreaming :)
Thanks for adding yourself as a follower on my blog....sorry to be rude and not reply before now but have been busy.
P.S. Welcome to the UK

Nannieflash said...

Hi, Just wanted to let yo know that Ive left you something on my blogspot. love and hugs Shirleyxxx

michele said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments and for the awards! They're really appreciated.

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Morning! Sorry to leave a comment instead of an email. . .
I haven't been taking photoshop classes, just fiddling around and learning as I go. I do have a dh who thinks he knows what he's doing, so I have a bit of help!
I get a lot of my images from old books and postcards that I come across at garage sales. I'm not sure how that works in the copyright world, but I'm just going with it. The image of the lady is from one of those postcards, it was actually a new one that a girlfriend had sent to me.
Love your blog and good luck with the contest!