Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Portugese Card Inspiration

Last year when I was in Lisbon, Portugal, I found this gorgeous embroidered card. The stitching looks as if it had been done by a machine and then a plain paper backing stuck to the back to finish it off. Here's a detail shot.
Card stitching is something I've been wanting to try for quite a while, but haven't gotten to it yet on my list of crafts.

Does anyone have any hints on tips from their card stitching experiences?
  • Do you hand sew or machine sew?

  • What type of needles are best?

  • Should you take the sewing machine foot off before sewing so it doesn't leave marks on the card?


Merry said...

I don't sew as fancy as this card. I use my machine to stitch around the edges of cards...I leave the foot on and no marks. I just use normal cotton sewing thread an whatever needle is in the machine. Hand stitching I try to use a fine needle and embroidery thread.

michele said...

Thank you for your insight, Merry. I shall have to try this at home.

Helen said...

Love love love this card Michelle - quirky and oh so kitsch. Thanks so much for sharing it xox.

Also Merry thanks for the tip. I have some vintage inspired gift tags in the Museum of Brisbane shop (in Aus.) with big bold red zig zagging around the edges but I would love to hand embroider some of the quirky images for my next drop - thanks you xox.