Sunday, 12 July 2009

Thank you to first Donor and announcing a Raffle!!!!!!

First, thank you very much to BM for the first to donate to Craft Against Cancer. Your donation of £25 is really appreciated! Since you are the first donor and I'm announcing the Extremely Crafty Raffle today, you will be allocated 5 tickets.

So what's this RAFFFLE all about?

To raise money for Craft Against Cancer, we will be having a raffle to raise donations. For every £5 donated via the Just Giving button on the Extremely Crafty site, you will be allocated 1 e-ticket. We will be listing all donated items with links to the donor's shop or blog on the Fundraisers page.

Some wonderful crafters have agreed to donate already. I'm just waiting for photos before I post about them, so do check back. We have one early bird donor and it’s…
Susie of Die Cut Dreams was the first to send her photos, so thank you very much Susie for agreeing to donate these eight beautiful cards.

Susie has a brilliant blog called Sassy Designs where she shows some of the beautiful cards she’s been making, gives away wonderful candy, and has links to lots of other sites giving away candy. I always love her use of color and embellishments in her cards. Her site is always a great place to find ideas and tips. I especially love her Bewitched by Tilda card.
Susie also has a great shop called Die Cut Dreams which sells a huge array of custom die cuts, stickers, charms, and brads, to name but a few things. Susie even designs some of the die cuts! One of my favorite things on the site is her fairytale castle album which you can see here.

Thank you very much again, Susie! Your generosity is really appreciated.

More details about the raffle tomorrow, including more details about how to win these fabulous cards, so check back!

p.s. - If you'd like to donate an item, please send me an email at If you'd like to enter the raffle for these cards and more, donate here and you'll be allocated an e-ticket.


Merry said...

Hi Michele, just wondering when the draw date would be as I was going to add something to my sidebar. Good luck with this wonderful cause.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,what a great idea to donate and also be in a raffle,I certainly will donate to your cause.Ginger.

Anonymous said...

Love your idea for a raffle,such a great cause,I wish you well.Dot.

michele said...

Hello Merry, Ginger, & Dot
Thank you for your lovely comments. The first draw will be when we raise 150 sterling, second draw when we raise an additional 100 sterling, all next draws will be at +100 unless we run out of prizes. All of the rules are now on the Craft Against Cancer page and will be highlighted in my blog today.

PAD said...

These are such cool cards. I'll have to go and look at their website too. BTW the raffle is a great idea.