Thursday, 16 July 2009

More Raffle Prizes - A Magical Print

Thank you very much to June of Arty Retreat for being such a strong supporter of the Craft Against Cancer campaign. June is offering seriously wonderful candy (pictured above)osts on her blog and goes to this page to read about Craft Against Cancer and adds my button. She’s aiming for 100 participants. This is really appreciated, June, because that’s just what we need to help spread the word. June has also donated a lovely vintage charm to the raffle. I will be blogging about June and her fun blog more in a few days.

Thanks to June and Shirley’s support, we have raised £35 in the past two days and £70 in total! We’re almost half way there to the first raffle. At £150 donations, we raffle off the fairy and she’ll flutter away to a new home.

Remember, it’s best to donate early because once you’re allocated an e-raffle ticket (for every £5 donation), you’re entered into every raffle draw until the prizes run out or the end of September. We’re up to 11 prizes already!

I must also say how generous everyone has been in donating prizes. See them all here. Today I want to thank you very much to Karen of the Moonlight and Hares blog and shop.
Karen generously donated a signed print titled Traveling Circus (above) to the charity raffle. I absolutely adore this print. Who could not fall in love with a white rabbit on a roller skate? The print measures 18x18cms within an A4 sheet and has a border around for mounting.
Karen is a UK based artist/illustrator and maker of wooden things and has illustrated children's books (sounds like the best job in the world to me), greeting cards, wrapping paper and magazines.
What I love about Karen’s work is that I feel as if I’m transformed into an animal fairy world in which birds walk along the grass pushing their eggs in a pram, the manes of majestic pure white lions blow in the breeze, narwhals dance in the sea beneath the stars, and fairies bless foxes. In this world, angels also speak to hares and birds in the moonlight. Wouldn’t you love to visit?
Well, you can. Check out her superb blog here in which she will transform you to another world with her photography of nature and little animals and check out her shop full of magical paintings.

Thank you again, Karen.

Remember - Once you donate, your e-raffle tickets will be considered for each raffle until the end of September 2009, even if you have already won an item. (So get in there early for the best chance to win!)

Thank you also to Nannieflash , Ginger, Rach, LN, Janet & Jacqui for your kind donations. They are really, really appreciated.


June said...

Gosh there are some gorgeous prizes. Glad its helping a bit and will keep on plugging away ...

Hugs June xxx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Michele, things have really started to roll, Im so pleased for you, and Ive left you something on my blogpot, thank you so much for your really lovely comments. Good luck with the Campaign With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

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Wow! this is great. you cool ideas!

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Anonymous said...

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