Monday, 13 July 2009

Raffle - Another Great Prize! A Lucky Fairy

Keep reading for RAFFLE RULES.

Thank you Rita of Ooak Fairy Fae Sculpture who offered our first donated item, the gorgeous Boudoir Fae, to the Craft Against Cancer raffle. The details on this fairy are marvelous. Her eyes are so exquisite and her lavender hair is so lovingly styled. What an unusual gift this would be for someone. I hear this fairy brings good luck too!

For more about Rita, I had posted about her wonderful fairies here a few days ago. Since then, she’s been busy again and has made a wonderful Michael Jackson tribute doll.
Look at the detail of those toes! For more, check out her blog here.

Thank you very much, Rita! And more about the RAFFLE:

Raffle Rules:
  1. For every £5 donation via the Extremely Crafty Just Giving page, you will receive 1 e-raffle ticket. (For a £10 donation you get 2 chances to win, £15=3 chances to win, etc.) Be sure to send me a message via the donation page that states your name, email, donated amount and “Raffle”.
  2. The first prize will be raffled off once a reserve limit of £150 has been reached. Each subsequent item will be raffled off once subsequent new donations reach an additional £100 of donations.
  3. Once you donate, your e-raffle tickets will be considered for each raffle until the end of September 2009, even if you have already won an item. (So get in there early for the best chance to win!)
  4. You can donate more and increase your chances (i.e. buy more e-raffle tickets) at any time.
  5. Everyone who donates a raffle prize will have their item listed on the fundraisers wall with a link to their blog or etsy shop. (Great way to advertise your shop, while giving to charity!!!) I will also blog about your site/shop and link to you.
  6. If you would like to donate a prize, please email me at michele[AT] (replace [AT] with @) and send a photo.
  7. All prize donors will be responsible for:
    Shipping the prizes directly to the winner, and
    Paying postage and packaging to ship the prize to the winner.
  8. A computer generated program will pick winners at random.
  9. Extremely Crafty and Michele Young will be held harmless for any item not received by a prize winner or damaged prizes.
  10. Extremely Crafty reserves the right to change the terms of this raffle at any time.

    BONUS Coming up – we are also working on creating a special DONORS ONLY page which will include free pdf templates and downloads for all donors to access.

    All proceeds go directly to the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.

    Please donate generously. Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele I just donated Hope you put me in the raffle.Ginger

michele said...

Thank you very much Ginger! You have been allocated 2 raffle tickets. Your help is really appreciated.

Lisa Olson said...

Wow these are really amazing, I can recommend a visit to the blog to find even more of these wonderful fairies.

PAD said...

I tried to use Fimo a long time ago but everything came out looking like blobs covered in thumbprints. These sculptures are incredible.