Friday, 17 July 2009

Glorious Soap to Win

Thank you, thank you to Patrice of the Soap Seduction blog and shop who has generously donated a $20 gift certificate for one lucky to winner on use on any of the soaps in her shop. Whoever wins this sure is going to have a hard time picking.
Patrice makes the most glorious of soaps. They make you want to sing at 6am in the shower even before you’ve had your coffee. She uses the most luscious of scents like chocolate coconut, cranberry fig, blackcurrant and nectarine, lemon chiffon sugar bubbles, and butter cream cupcake. They make you just want to gobble them up, especially the cupcake.
She has fashioned her soap in really inventive ways too – just perfect for a really unique gift. Who has ever seen fishies in a bag soap, gummy ring, fortune cookie, or monkey soap (you’re just going to have to mosey on over to her blog to see that kid approved soap).
Her blog is really very amusing. She tells it like it is with a cheeky grin. Be prepared to be entertained.
Thank you again, Patrice!


angelandspot said...

That soap looks good enough to eat. But don't worry I wouldn't really eat it if I was ever lucky enough to have some of that soap.

michele said...

If you donate, not only will you have a chance to win this soap, but at least 10 other amazing prizes so far!