Sunday, 5 July 2009

Fairy Delightful

Thank you to all of my Extremely Crafty Chums out there for offering to help with the Craft Against Cancer Challenge. I can’t wait to hear about all of the exciting crafty events you are planning to help fundraise. Please do keep me posted.
I wanted to let everyone know about a fun blog I found. It’s by Rita of Ooak Fairy Fae Sculpture who makes the most amazing fairies.

What impressed me the most is Rita is relatively new to sculpting. Rita started making the fairies when she saw a beautiful fairy on Ebay. She knew she had to try this new medium, but didn’t have any clay. She found on Google a recipe for cold porcelain, made some, and at first made flowers with it. She still makes flowers, but now incorporates them into her fairy designs.
She then started to use Fimo clay. Rita says she made quite a lot of mistakes at first, but found the Ooak Guild invaluable for tutorials and advice.
Rita has always been artistic, but has had no formal training. She paints as well as sculpts, but her first love now is sculpting fairies. For a beginner, Rita’s work is absolutely amazing.
If you’d like to see more fairies and other dolls by many different artists, do check out the Ooak Guild. All of the work on here truly is art. Another fairy sculptor is Jamie. Her fairy is below. Click here for her site which also is amazing.
If you could make a fairy, what type of fairy would you make? Goth? Riding atop a unicorn? Mermaid? Princess with long flowing red locks? Lizard fairy?


lynne said...

lovely images fairy my fav lynne xxx

Lynette said...

Love those fairies...we remain little girls in our hearts, don't you think?

Tertia said...

This post has taken me back a long way! My dearest mom believed in Fairies and even had some stay in her garden. She used to swear that they lived amongst the sweet peas. My kids all saw them and believes in them to this day.

michele said...

Absolutely, Lynette. I'm still a little girl at heart. If I had a garden, fairies would definitely live down there along with Mickey Mouse. My mother always told me he lived at the bottom of the garden along with Minnie. My flat has a balcony at the moment and I do wish the fairies would clean it up as they've been making a mess!

June said...

Thanks for showing us they are beautiful fairies
Hugs June xxxx

Threads of Imagination said...

Hi Michele

I just got your message on my blog. Thanks for your kind comments :-)

How could I go about helping your cause?

By the way. Loving your fairies.

Kerry xxx

Josefa Laura said...

Hi,what a wonderful fairies.raelly fantastic work..JLaura