Sunday, 17 May 2009

Second Celebrity Sighting!

Quentin Tarrantino. Said hello as he was running past. Didn't have a chance to ask him about crafts, btu I think we all know what his hobby is - film making! He has a film at the festival - Inglorious Baestards. My friend chased him down the street and learned Quentin is staying until Thursday. We have an actress we'd like him to meet who Quentin has apparently liked her previous work. Said actress was staying with us and gave me swuch a fright that night, I could barely sleep!!! Quentin would love her. She'd Kill Bill, Kill Bob, Kill Just about anyone if her showreel is anything to go by. Quentin was at the Soho House party where I was on Friday, but although I searched, I couldn't find him. I think he was hiding behind the lobsters.

More on that Monday.


Kinderfalls Primitives said...

If you see George Clooney tell him I'm still waiting for him to call round. LOL. As if!!! Pam xx

Merry said...

How exciting.

michele said...

Unfortunately George wasn't there this weekend. I'm still waiting for him to call too. How remarkable!