Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Race for Life

It was a bank holiday this past weekend in the UK, so I went to a wonderful BBQ one day and the other two spent in crafting bliss. A lot of you know I have recently discovered a wonderful card crafting site, Crafters Kitchen, and many of the new people I've met on that site have been my inspiration to spend all Sunday making cards. I made eight and can't wait to photograph them and put them in the upcoming card craft ezine.
It's dark now, but tomorrow, I will post a little peek at one of the cards. My theme was babushkas gone wild! Just found this cute stamp over at The Crafty Pad (a Crafty Kitchen friend). Part of the proceeds go towards the Race for Life Charity. If you are in no shape to exercise (like moi) then what a great idea to stamp for charity!


bubblegum said...

Hi Michele - thank you so much for linking to The Crafty Pad and this charity stamp. ;)

Will link to you no probs. :)

xxDebbie The Craty Pad

Threads of Imagination said...

Hi Michele. Thanks for your comments on our site. We are a small family business and I spend most of my working day trying to make the site look as nice as our shop does :-) I wish I had more time to keep my blog up to date, I'll hopefully be adding more to it next week. Your blog is great...looking forward to reading more.
It was a gordeous bank holiday wasn't it! I had a look at crafters kitchen, there's loads of ideas on there although I've yet to start card craft beacause my dining room is already full of craft stuff, not sure I can fit much more in.
So back to work for me, enjoy your week.

Kerry xxx

Melina and Denise said...

That really is a fantastic idea. Stamp for Charity!