Friday, 15 May 2009

My Little Pony

I swear these Icelandic ponies were the inspiration for My Little Pony. They are absolutely adorable. More pictures of Fun in Iceland are finally available. To see some amazing shots, click here.

Back Monday from Cannes, so check back!


Merry said...

So cute....although so cold.

artangel said...

They're gorgeous! I can see what you mean about "My Little Pony" too - I'd be really tempted to braid their hair!!

IceRyder said...

I have Icelandic Horses in California. Love 'em!

Spyder said...

Fantastic pictures Michelle! Pop over to Spyder's Corner, I'm giving all my lovely Followers a blog Award to thank them for their kind support!


michele said...

I am so jealous, IceRyder! I would love an Icelandic horse. What a perfect blog name you chose.

Thank you very much Spyder for the wonderful blog award. How coolio!!Thank you! thank you!