Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cannes Cannes!

The lawn outside the Carlton. Remember the doll's house I posted about two days ago, well, I woke a few days later to see that the house was gone and in its place was a giant Christmas tree on either end and everything was covered in snow to promote A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. Whose job is it to spray snow I wonder?
This is La Croisette - the main ocean drag in Cannes. The beach is lined with tents where people eat, drink, and party. That's the glass roof of one of them there.

Hotel Du Cap - these are the dining and bar terraces. A group of friends and I spent the day there. This is where most of the stars stay while at the festival. It's about a half an hour drive or fifteen minutes by boat. Here's my boat! (one day)
View of the restaurant terrace.
But life isn't all fun and games at the Hotel Du Cap. These are the paparazzi who hang out at the rocks bear the Hotel Du Cap and snap photos of stars on their yachts with super duper long lenses. It's also right near where people disembark from their boats to go ashore at the Hotel Du Cap.
One of the many glamorous hotels on La Croisette in Cannes. If you're a star, you're either staying at the Hotel Du Cap or if you want to be right downtown, you'll stay here. Great for late night star spying. Quentin Tarantino is a regular late nighter.
Palm trees in the moonlight. We have a long weekend in the UK this week, so I'm going to be crafting up a storm and plan to have lots of fun new projects for you to do soon. What is your favourite type of craft?


Deborah said...

Wow Cannes looks so fabulous.
That pool looks so relaxing!

clare's craftroom said...

Beautiful photos and yes I loved the pool too .

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Wow! You are a star in the photo department. Those are some great shots! Glad you're having fun too. My favorite craft is, of course, crochet. I'm totally 'hooked.' :) xxoo

RockerJewlz said...

Not really a craft but what I love to do most is draw, almost doodling really and getting lost in it...then finish and take a look at it and happily exclaim, wow I drew THAT?????

Emily said...

Great photos Michele! Thanks for a peek at how the rich and famous are enjoying themselves in Cannes. Sounds like you are having a blast!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Michele,Cannes Looks super,you should be a travel agent,my craft is quilting,but I like sewing anything.Have a great weekend.

Emmy said...

oooh cannes, how i wish i could go! my step sister went last year and she said it was amazing.

Amy and her little family said...

loving your blog!

Annie said...

i want to go to cannes SO BADLY.

Sylvia said...

Michele you are so lucky Canes looks fabulous.....and the photos you've taken are great love the pool it looks so inviting ....and to have Jim Carey promoting a Christmas Carol..I can only dream of living some where like

My favorite type of craft is 3d cards...(prams and and highchairs)I also like doing parchment.xx

Sylvia x