Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cannes Count Down

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

I'm off to Cannes on Thursday. I'm going with a film producer friend and hope to make it to the red carpet.
Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia
I won't be doing any of the above, but I'm sure there will be lots of others to take my place. Well, of course unless I'm offered a million dollars and a film contract and yellow only M&M's. She doesn't look as if she eats many M&M's, does she? Hmm, must remember to take white bathing suit for lying around ont he streets. Just in case of course.

Photo courtesy of mundomiss.blogspot
My goal for the trip is if I meet any celebrities, I will ask them about what their favourite craft is. How cool would that be if I could get mini interviews with celebrities on the Croisette. In years past, I bumped into Michael Moore a few times, Eddie Murphy, and Bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai.
If I do bump into any stars, who do you hope I meet and what questions do you want me to ask?


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Cannes! So which parties are you going to?

the BF.

angeljoy said...

OMG! CANNES! What a neat opportunity!!! Can't wait to hear about your experiences. Have no clue who to begin imagining you will run into...Not that she'll be there, but I'm pretty sure that Julia Roberts knits...

BrigaBauble said...

Sounds like a blast. My sister and brother-in-law went a couple of years ago and stepped off a helicopter to let Brad Pitt board (prob with his family). My sis was all, "It's no big deal just because he's famous." My response was, "Who cares about being famous!!! He's HOT." LOL

I hope you meet Will Smith because I've had a crush on him for the past 20 years and I'd like you to ask...What craft would he most like to learn? Or, does he shop on Etsy? LOL


Bette's Bags said...

OMG! You have to give us full details and tons of photos when you get back! Have a fabulous time! (I'm so jealous! I never get to go anywhere exciting.)

michele said...

Right, I will definitely keep that in mind to ask Will Smith. I could also ask if there's any celebrities he knows that have any hidden crafty talents he'd like to announce to the world in a craft exclusive!

I heard Brad is going, so I might ask him if he's ever done any body painting. If he hasn't, I could always show him how.

BF - you asked which parties am I going to? The question should be which parties am I not going to? I hope to go to them all. One year I got into Quentin Tarrintino's birthday party. Heard he's going to be there again this year, so hope to do the same if he's having one.

RockerJewlz said...

How fun....okay, if you come across Brad PItt ask what his next architectural goal is.

michele said...

I didn't know Brad Pitt was into architecture. Wow, he's a smart one.

RockerJewlz said...

Oh yeah, he is very much into architecture...that's one of the few things I know about him.