Sunday, 10 May 2009

Knickers to this!

I've been on a kick to make my own underwear since everything I want to buy is at least $50 or 50 pounds sterling. I bought McCall's M5651 underwear pattern. It is one of a small selection of underwear patterns on the market at the moment. There's more patterns available for dog clothes! Anyway, this was one of their diy style range and promises to help make it your own style. Almost every suggestion they have is - add rhinestones. Well, I think anyone of us could have told them that.

Rhinestones are not going to fix the fact that the pattern doesn't even tell you how to make a proper crotch. The instructions tell you to cut out a piece of jersey fabric against the template, lay it on the underwear and stitch in place. The result is that all of the hems and the raw edges show.
One of my other issues with this pattern is that one of the knicker patterns is shown with scallops. You are supposed to buy fabric with scallops that perfectly matches the pattern. I used lacy scallop fabric, but had to improvise on the pattern because theirs just didn't work.

The knickers ended up turning out nice as I took extra care to match the lace stripes in the behind view and carefully cut out the lacy scallops, but especially with the advised crotch construction, I can't see how these will last more than a few washes.

Extremely Crafty suggestion - Don't buy this pattern.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Guess we should have bought stock in knickers if they cost that much now right? I think you did very well in your first attempt though as they are very pretty. I'm not into fancy underwear anymore, being that I'm an old lady now and coverage is more of what I'm looking for. :) xxoo

Deborah said...

Your blog is amazing! I totally love it - the content and ideas and the fab babushka doll stockings and the cookies are amazing!
Deborah x

Maria said...

Thanks for your visit at my blogg =)
Your blogg is so cool, i love your underware.
Looking forvard to follow your blog and se what you will be up to in the future.

Best Regards from MariaT

Spyder said...

Never thought about making my own underwear! but then, I got thrown out of sewing class at school, because I (so the teacher said) was useless! I think you made a very good job of your panties! They are very pretty. Love the Iceland story, it's always nice to see where other's have been and what they think. Thank you for popping over to Spyder's Corner, will pop back soon!


Debs said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on our blog. We are both really keen card makes and would love to see an article on card making in your e- magazine. If you would like some cards made for this article please ask we would be happy to do some. Loved the knickers, in my teens at uni I made some underwear and vowed never again, it took me longer than making a tailored coat. Dee is taken with your babushka patterns, she has just bought some Russian dolls from the Moscow state circus. Best wishes Bee

MarmiteToasty said...

Say NO to dodgy crotches lol


daisy said...

hi michele

love you craft ideas, and thank for following my blog! maby it would be a lovely idea to do an isseu about card crafts!


Caz and Lou said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog. This is really diverse and interesting. Love the lingerie - I'm about 4 stone and 20 years too old for what you've made but they're very nice!!!
Looking forward to the next visit!
Caz x

Lora said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! So much fun and loads of different ideas. I will be back to see what yopu have been up to.

tisha said...

I feel so UN-domestic reading this post. The undies look really nice. I've never known anyone to make their own lacey undies before. Your all sorts cupcakes look divine. It's hard to find all sorts over here, but they're my mom's fave. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blog-world.

Sue said...

Hi Michele, had a quick look through your blog and e-zine - very interesting and amusing. Love the section on Russia - we are holding a Eurovision Contest evening on Saturday with a few friends and as we are the hosts, Russia is our theme. Your section on Russian Cocktails will come in very handy, I think!

Keep up the good work,


Kinderfalls Primitives said...

Hi Michele, Thanks for following my blog. I've just had a look at your ezine - it's great. Pam x

Karen Lee said...

Hi Michele....thanks for your lovely comments that you left on my blog. I just looked at your e-zine and found it very interesting. You have included some very fun ideas.

Your undies are great! But as Carolyn said, I'm a gramma and need coverage....hehehe!!! Enjoy them while you're young!!

michele said...

Coverage can be sexy too - it's all in how you drape the fabric and show off your best assets. If you've got extra curves, all the better!

Anonymous said...

I would not encourage to many people to show of their best assets,you might get in trouble.
little old lady

ella bella said...

wow you have a fabulous blog, love all your ideas.
well done on making the knickers, i wouldnt no where to start.
love the cupcakes you made they look fab!
Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle

Thank you for visiting my blog. I also love yours especially the cookies.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Reino da Brincadeira