Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Winner Announced!

And the winner is RockerJewlz for being the first to guess pasties! Here's a look at what the final set look like. We made two variations. Please let me know which one you prefer and your address via email and I will send them to you.

If you're in the US, I wonder if I will have to fill out a customs form and declare what is in the package. Ack! I'm sure the post office workers will love it.

Right, to explain the clues - I really have seen some made out of skittles and starbursts on someone's website. I think they were stuck on with really strong icing. I shall investigate and keep you posted. The one made out of starbursts was in the shape of a flower.

I'm posting so late today because I have been having a fight with a murderous wasp that had taken up residence this evening in my bathroom. He's the second in 72 hours. I am panic stricken that there might be a nest on the other side of my window.

I suppose you could say I have a completely irrational fear of wasps and since the first sighting on Sunday, I have been having nightmares of bees stinging me in the chest (maybe some strange subconscious thing going on with pasties on the brain).

When I saw the bee buzzing this evening, my first thought was to trek all the way across town and go stay with a friend, but it was such a long journey and I was tired, so I played peekaboo with the bee for over an hour, spying him through the bathroom door and slamming it shut whenever he buzzed near. I opened the second bathroom window hoping he would have enough sense to fly out that one, but of course he didn't.

Normally, I like to think of myself as a good Buddhist (even though I'm not really a Buddhist) and don't like killing animals. However, this one needed to go. The problem was, I was terrified. Every brush of hair against my face, terror shot through me and I jumped. I got out the vacuum and prepared myself (jeans, winter jacket with collar turned up, hat, leather gloves, socks and shoes), but for half an hour I couldn't bring myself to suck it up. I realized I had a problem when I was considering the following alternatives:

1 Asking the beer swigging tattooed man sitting on the wall adjacent to my flat to come save me from the bee.

2 Never taking a bath again

3 Peeing in an aluminum can

Right, this had gone too far. I switched on the vac in one giant swoop, sucked up the bee, let the vac run until the bee had definitely been sucked inside and ran the vac outside to the balcony where I tied it up in three plastic bags so my vac doesn't break if it rains tonight. Even so, I may have to throw the vacaway because who knows if the hornet is still in there waiting to sting me. AAHHH!

What have you guys done to get rid of a bee in the past?


Anonymous said...

was it a wasp or a bee?.you should have let the bee follow you,out of the flat.Thatis what you do if you have a fly.signed
little old lady.

RockerJewlz said...

Yay, I won....now I have to ask...WHY did you make the pasties???

My husband kept me guessing through this contest...every time I had what I thought was the perfect guess, but forgot the naughty category, he would ALLways say, "but WHY wouldn't she want to make that with her mom?"

DARN it I would say every time....I had a whole bunch of really good guesses one day, one after the other, and every time he would say his line....DARN it!!!!!

But it led me to the right answer, eh?

I emailed you with my address...in the U.S. no less....so you could claim them as craft pieces? I mean, that is what it is made of, what the heck, it's worth a shot.

As for wasps, I've only had to deal with their nests outside...small ones, but still, I put a hat on because they could easily hide in my bushy, curly hair, gloves in case I had to smack some and then I blasted the nest with a thin, hard stream of water from the hose in the early cold air when they are in the nest and not yet moving about.

This blasts the nest apart and works well...just have to be ready to duck inside the garage just in case. Sorry I can't help with them inside the house, but I think you are right about a nest...at work once my husband found a nest inside an electrical box because it was nice & warm in there...eeek!

BrigaBauble said...

Ha ha! Pasties! Of course! I used to get stung by wasps all of the time. Never developed a good way to get rid of them. But, I do have experience with bats. At one point I lived in a flat that had once been a carriage house--it was just me and my one neighbor. Well, my neighbor had a bat stuck in her flat and she came over to ask if my then-boyfriend would rid her of this inconvenience.

Then-boyfriend was terrified and said no way, no how was he going after the bat. So, lil' ol' me (a whopping 5 ft./60 cm (?I always forget) tall, grabbed a broom, went next door and chased the bat out. I was feeling pretty darn spiffy.

Until that night...I was sleeping on the couch as I've always had a bad habit of doing and woke to hear this swooshing sound. The bat was back! And it wanted blood. Not so courageous and daring in the dark, I literally crawled out of my flat (on hands and knees), got in my car and drove the 20 minutes to my parents' house. I didn't return until my dad had assured me that the bat was gone for good. lol


Fada Moranga said...

These are gorgeous!!! :-)*