Thursday, 30 April 2009

Beaded Flower Quilt

Been crazy busy with work, so just wanted to share one of the quilt projects my mother and I made together a while back. All of the leaves and petals were cut out separately and then stuck to a later of fabric with fine fuse. We used pre-made black binding and ironed it down over the raw edges of the fabric and quilted by sewing around the black lines. To finish it off, we added yellow beads in the petal centers. Easy Peasy Lemon Cheesey!

Does anyone else out there quilt or am I the only one?


angeljoy said...

I would like to quilt (along with the thousands of other crafty things I'd like to try) but so far, I've been to scared, haven't gotten around to it, don't have enough room, don't have enough fabric....
Pick an excuse! LOL

michele said...

Oh my gosh, don't be scared. Quilting is really easy. You just need to see it done and you would be able to do it.