Thursday, 2 April 2009

Rosie Cupcakes

Okay so I was on a roll making cupcakes. Here's another one I decorated with roses. You'll be seeing a lot of ways to decorate cupcakes in the next week or so because I'm visiting my parents and I've had to store a bunch of photos on my blog because I can't upload photos on their computer. I am so happy to be home. No matter how many years away or how nice I make my flat, there's nothing like our living room in front of the big screen TV, my sheepy blanket from when I was 8, and a large bowl of buttery sweet popcorn.

One of my favourite things to do is sew with my mom. Instead of having a sewing room, we have a sewing basement. There's boxes of fabric (we could probably become a supplier to Joann fabrics), buttons, ribbon boxes, and three sewing machines. Everything we need. I've been so looking forward to my mother teaching me how to make some more advanced projects and have brought home the lingerie pattern I bought the other week, (See further down my blog for my botched adventures in knicker making) silks, and a huge list of to dos. When I'm back on my normal computer, I'll be able to post the photos. With my mom by my side, hopefully, I'll avoid burning holes through silk, cutting three of the same left side of a pattern, sewing the seams wrong side out, etc.

No matter where I've travelled to in the past (Paris, Brugge, or Venice), there's no place like home - sewing with my mom in the basement.

What crafts do you make with you mom?


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

A sewing basement must be heaven! I want to bite into that cupcake!

Mary Ann said...

That cupcake is way too beautiful to eat.

My mom always had out basement set up as the sewing room. We spent many hours down there.

AnniKae said...

I am a mom of 4 great kids. It's my hope that when they are grown, they will feel the very same way. Does your mom read your blog...I'm sure she will appreciate your kind words.
Happy Day & Happy Sewing...
Anni Kae

PAD said...

These are so cute and the pictures are great. more cupcakes please!

messyfish said...

Wow you are lucky to be crafting with your mum in the basement, I am more likely to be murdering my mum in the basement, she annoys me so much...oh dear did I really say that?