Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cool French Stuff

While in France, I found this brilliant store called La Marelle. All of their products from tattoos to note cards to luggage is little girl off the wall charming. Below are some tattoos like none I've ever seen before. (The next three photos are courtesy of their website. These are some of the adorable postcards.

And now Burlesque -
I also read in one of the French magazines that Paris will be hosting its first Burlesque Festival from the 21-25 October. There's also a group that gets together each Saturday - a Burlesque for Beginners class at the Bellevilloise in Paris. It's called the L'Ecole des Filles de Joie translated School for the Joyful Girls. I'll bet. As far as my French permits, I think they practice on a Saturday and then perform many Saturday evenings. They're obviously very serious about this.
My curosity got the better of me and I searched what was on in London. Apparently, there's a London School of Striptease and the London School of Burlesque! Apparently Mama JoJo can help you learn a new life skill. Didn't life skill used to mean cooking or weaving? Do watch the video of this lady who can sure make her pasties twirl.
What I want to know is who are these people taking the classes?


LittleCakes said...

Love the little postcards and the tats...just precious! Thanks for sharing!

José said...


The top set reminds me of the "Low Brow" (did I wrote it correctly ?) art style.
Such as the works by Mark Ryden.



michele said...

Jose, that's so true. I absolutely love Mark Ryden's work. It's beautiful spooky.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are not thinking of takeing some of those courses

michele said...

No Mom,
I am not thinking of taking one of those courses. I know you would absolutely kill me!