Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mum!

Today is Mother's Day in England. I had been thinking of what to get my mother (who believes that her mother's day should be celebrated in two countries - England because she's English and American because that's where she lives) and walking home the flamenco show at Sadler's Wells last night, I saw this adorble painting of a puppy.

And then I saw the title underneath itMy mother's name is Winnie.

I am sure she will kill me for even posting this. Of course I would have bought it for her, until I saw the price tag 425 Sterling - roughly $600! for a painting where they didn't even color in all of the lines!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele
Very funny.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I couldn't keep a straight face while reading this post! :)

Happy Mother's Day Winnie! I hope you never have to 'go' in the rain. :) xxoo

angeljoy said...

Sheesh. What they'll try to pass off as art today!
It looks like it was painted on subway tile? or is that the glass over it?
Happy Mother's day to Mom.

michele said...

You're right about the subway tile look, but it's really the reflection of the bars in the window. It really was a cheap piece of paper with green tempra paint. The artist only used one coat of paint so you could still see all of the lines. Art today - ha!