Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Easter Cards

I've had such a wonderful time making these Easter cards for my friends that I wanted to share them with all of you. Download the template here and you can either color them yourself or download the one that's already been colored in. How's that for an easy craft?

Making these cards got me thinking about elementary school. We used to prepare Easter decorations for weeks before hand. I can remember my mother buying me a white lacy hat and white patten leather shoes. I can remember twirling in a yellow dress and loads and loads of lilleys.

Like all kids, I used to love hunting for eggs around my house. I can remember one year in particular when one of my teachers told us about how for Easter dinner, her family hid the meals and had to find all of the different dishes around the house. I thought this sounded like the most wonderful, bestest idea in the world and bugged my parents for two weeks to do this. They agreed and we hid the first course and then after I stepped in the second course, my mother quickly decided that game was over and we were to eat a proper family meal (only without the mashed potatos which were mostly inside my shoe at that point) whether I liked it or not. I wonder if my parents remember this or have they blocked it from their memory.

What is your funniest or messiest Easter family moment?

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Felt-o-rama said...

Hello - Just a note to say I really enjoyed your Easter Issue. Can't wait to make the Easter cupcakes - yum :) Happy crafting!