Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Alchemist

Has anyone read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist? I bought the book yesterday and finished it today. It is about a boy who is courageous enough to go in search of his destiny. It was quite timely because I feel as if I helped my uncle move toward his destiny yesterday.

When he was young, he always said to his father that he wanted to be a painter. What he meant was an artist, but his father got him a job as a painter and decorator. At age 14, he became an apprentice to his father’s friend. He wood grained the doors in pubs and decorated the first sets of Coronation Street. My uncle became the top grainer before he left to start his own business. All of his life, he has worked with paint, but it was only when he retired that he finally had the time to devote to himself to his true calling, painting pictures.

There is a contemporary art competition here in London that he heard about a few weeks ago. I had the honor of helping him pull together his application and submitting it electronically. We should know in a month if he has been selected as one of the hundred who will receive an interview. He would be ecstatic if he got that far. What does this have to do with The Alchemist? If it’s your destiny and you really try hard for it, the lesson of the book is that life gives it to you. By chance (or is it?), we’re putting that to the test. I will keep you posted if he has “beginner’s luck” and gets in.
p.s. - Wow! I just realized that even the title of the photo I just added is called "Time to Act". Are you on the path to your destiny?

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