Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Manly Chocolates

Warning to the Boyfriend - if you are reading this, don't scroll down. Go away immediately. Everyone else, please proceed.

He has a small screen on his laptop, so I think I'm safe. Anyway, I just thought I'd share a recent find which is going to be an Easter present for the boy. As you may know, I'm obsessed with making chocolate. I love to make handmade things, but sometimes you find something on the shelf that is just too amazing not to buy.

I recently found the below chocolates and just had to buy them. Luckily, my boyfriend is as obsessed with eating chocolates as I am in making them, so we make a good pair. Anyway, I thought they looked wonderful and he would love them, but looking at the photo below I think I have done what I used to do when I was six - buy the presents I want myself and give them to those closest to me so I can share (or let's get real, take them back).

Perhaps I will have to make some manly chocolates to give him in addition to these or maybe I'll just keep them for myself. What is a manly chocolate anyway?


grblog said...

Thanks for the comment on CraftTestDummies! Cool blog...and great story. Geez. I'm from the Midwest, living in the Midwest. London is so much cooler! Been there twice- loved it. Cheers! Jenny at

1CardCreator said...

Manly Chocolates? How about Buckeyes? At least that's what they call them in Michigan. I think it's peanut butter and confectioners sugar rolled into balls and then dipped in a mixture of paraffin wax and melted chocolate. I have the recipe somewhere if you want it. Your cupcake is beautiful, I love the rose on the top.