Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Seaside Crafts

How much is that teddy in the window?I found this wonderful knitted creation in a craft store in Broadstairs. From the sandcastles to the sandwiches, this teddy bear's picnic is completely hand knitted. Apart from the local handiwork, Broadstairs is famous for being the home of Charles Dickens. The seaside town was absolutely enchanting. From the overgrown lavender outside his former home -
- to the Charles Dickens pub one block down with its red velvet cozy nooks and yummy steaming hot meat pies - - to the GIANT ice creams with Cadbury's flake chocolate bars -

I fell in love with the place. Around the crescent shaped beach, there's pastel painted beach huts, an old fashioned cinema along the seafront, and even a doll's hospital. This might not have been what inspired Mr. Dickens, but that and knitted teddy bears is certainly what inspires me.

photo from Wikipedia

Mr. Dickens was inspired by Bleak House for the title of his ninth novel about the failure of the British legal system. Dickens would spend at least a month a year in Broadstairs and even wrote David Copperfield here. I have heard murmurs that he even brought his mistress and established her in another house by the sea away from his wife. How did he have time to write all those novels?

Also quaint in Broadstairs is a shop selling doll's houses and furniture. This is in addition to the doll's hospital. They have very unusual doll's - including a miniature tramp. Who would want to include him in their doll's house scene? He even has a mini bottle of cider on his trolley. A bit scary for a child I would think.
As an end note, dear readers, may I ask please how many of you out there make cards and how many of you out there sew? If you sew, what may I ask so you usually make?


Angie said...

Broadstairs is a wonderful place,
I knit, crochet, cross stitch, and card making, and jewellery making.
Cant sew tho

Merry said...

Great photos....what an amazing teddy bear picnic set. Sandcastle as well.

Tertia said...

I make cards, scrapbook, knit crochet, paint, do calligraphy and stained glass, I make porcelain dolls and I have been known to sew. I sew on paper, used to make all my childrens clothes when they were little and I was poor, now I just sew on special request. Recently made a bag for my youngest DD to use at Uni and smocked a dress for my granddaughter last Christmas.

Spyder said...

Another set of great photos!

I have left a little something on my blog for your blog


Nannieflash said...

Hi Michele, what a fabulous blog today, love all the history on Broadstairs, thats one place I havent visited and Id love to after reading your blog. I love sewing (mainly alterations now), knitting, cross stitch, crochet, though not as good at that as I am at knitting. I have even made miniture teddy bears, though not for awhile. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

Spyder said...

I knew I shoulda puta link in, you can find your little something for your lovely blog
just here


guru said...

The photos are great. I'm craving to go to beach right now. Anyways, BroadstAIRS is really the best when it comes to crochet, cross stitch and alike.

NYC Bride Guide said...

Nice work of art. Very simple and very astounding.

george clooney said...

Wonderful pictures!

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