Wednesday, 19 August 2009

More Bags & Bambi

Thank you so much Laura, of Mi Sello Personal for the lovely award. Remember her - she's the one with the great cards featuring loads of people. I pass this award on to Kristina who makes gorgeous beaded creations. Do check out her blog. I don't know how she makes some of those necklaces.
As for the applique pattern for the little girls, Rosie & Bella, I will work on this and let you know when it is available. As for what I've been up to. . .

Another bag. It's simple, but carries home a ton of shopping. The fabric is recycled from curtains. Isn't it great what all may be made out of curtains. My mother's wedding dress was either made from curtains or into curtains. (We are a very practical family.) Another pair of my old curtains were made into painting sheets so my floors don't get paint sploshes. Now I just have to do the painting. A childhood set of curtains now lines the back of a quilt.

What have you made out of your old curtains?