Monday, 24 August 2009


How many of you are making Christmas crafts already? This is a babushka ornament I made this past weekend. I would love to do a whole tree filled with these sparkling gals.

Hmm, I usually start writing Christmas cards in August too. Last year, I was waiting for my mother to have an operation and I just wrote and wrote all of the addresses. The repetitiveness took my mind off where I was and what was happening. Luckily, my mother was fine and my cards were then pushed to the back of my desk, only to be forgotten, and mailed a few days before Christmas!

This year I would like to hand make all of my own cards or at least draw the design and have a printer print some up. When do you usually start on your Christmas card list? Are you someone who mails them early every year or late?


Merry said...

I normally try to do the cards when the kids are on school holidays end Sept beginning Oct. Then mail out first week December. Love your ornament a whole tree of them would be awesome.

mi sello personal said...

Oh wow this fantastic...hugs Laura

from russellville arkansas said...

So adorable.