Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Halloween in a Hurry

In September, I bought this adorable card for Halloween with the intention to use it as an inspiration for a quilted wall hanging. Where did October go? How is it already November? Christmas is almost here and I'm at least one holiday (almost two holidays if you count Thanksgiving) behind! Should I give up the Halloween idea already? I guess it's my fault for working on the Euro-Santa Christmas quilt all summer. Next year I have to plan my projects better and not start anything new. That should become my new mantra. I must not start anything new. I must not start anything new. Oh, but Valentines day is coming up. What's the use in finishing something so early for Halloween now? I won't be able to display it for almost a year. And I did see the most adorable red rose fabric in my stash the other day...

Does anyone else have issues focusing on one project at a time?

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