Thursday, 27 November 2008

Victoria & Albert Museum

The Sackler Centre for arts education at the V&A is now open! If you’re coming to London, make sure to check out what’s happening here. They have workshops, classes, lectures, and sometimes even walk in demonstrations. When I went, one of the artists in residence was teaching whoever came through the door how to make wire twisted jewellery for free. She was so helpful I enquired about taking classes, but unfortunately, she’ll soon be leaving and another artist will be taking her place. They have children’s activities too and if they would like to donate their art, it was being added to a chain or art at the museum. I made a wire sculpture for myself to clip on a necklace and one for the chain. How would you like your art to be displayed at the V&A?

Twisted wire sculptures
The Chain of Art.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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