Thursday, 13 November 2008

Extremely Crafty Ideas Issue 2 Hot off the Press!

Last weekend I went chocolate cup mad! I love the photo of this one. It's made the cover of the second issue of Extremely Crafty Ideas. Head over to and read it hot off the press! Inside the cup are licorice allsorts. Aren't they wonderful?

Licorice allsorts are a famous English candy (known over here as sweets) and were first produced by Basset & Co, now owned by Cadbury’s. They are a mixture of coconut flavourings, licorice, fruit flavours, and fruity jelly. Legend has it that in 1899, Basset’s sales representative, Charlie Thompson dropped a platter of candies he was showing his client. All of the candies mixed together. The client tried some of the mixture and loved it! Basset’s soon after began mass producing these and even made their company mascot, Bertie Basset, in the form of a man made out of licorice allsorts in 1929.

My favourite ones are the yellow coconut circles with the licorice in the middle. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Great! I've been waiting for issue 2. Cute photo.