Sunday, 26 October 2008

Making Garbage Look Great!

I have just sat down with a hot cup of Ribena and a chorizo and Brie sandwich on a baguette. Part English, part French and part Spanish – I love living in Europe. Ribena is a blackcurrant drink which is especially good when mixed with fizzy lemonade. Blackcurrant is a common flavor for candy (or as they say sweets) over here. Everyone fights over the black fruit pastilles.

I’m also munching on a couple of Belgian Jules Destrooper butter crisps. They look like golden buttery waffles that have been flattened. They’re crisp to bite and sweet to taste. Scrumptious. They’re sold in a lovely oblong navy and white box with a description of the biscuits in twelve different languages, for example – natuurboterwafels, galettes au beurre, butter crisps, and my favorite – butterwaffeln. I took some photos of them with the chocolate cups, so you can see what they look like.

As soon as I finish, I’m going to begin working on the richly carved wooden photo frame that I found in the rubbish (garbage) down the street. Well, it wasn’t exactly in the rubbish. Someone had leaned it against their black iron railing with some other things they were throwing out. I’m going to sand it down, paint it white and frame a piece of the most beautiful wrapping paper I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope the result doesn’t look as if I’ve got a present hanging on my wall.

The paper I found in an ancient little card shop in Cambridge. It’s printed in Denmark and made by a company called Caspari. The background is golden and it’s covered by rich lavender and fuchsia orchids. You’ve seen the before photos. If the rain holds off, hopefully, I’ll have some have some after photos soon.

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