Saturday, 25 October 2008

Delicious Chocolate Cups

In the hectic days (and nights) or work, more work, and more work, I have committed myself to doing one fun thing a day. For the past few nights, I've been experimenting with melted chocolate and made some wonderful chocolate cups. I was thinking Gordon Ramsay. This morning, I experimented with different types of fillings such as strawberry & banana Innocent Smoothie, Advocaat, french vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, fruit, licorice...The possibilities are endless. These would be great for dinner parties or pot luck dinners. Oh, you'd be the princess of the pot luck if you brought these chocolately wonder cups!

Tip - firm dark chocolate can withstand heavy fillings whereas milk chocolate (especially at warm temperatures) tends to melt and break quite easily.

In one of the upcoming issues of Extremely Crafty Ideas, I'll feature all of my creations, recipes, and more tips!

1 comment:

sarahb said...

that looks yummy! wish i had one right now.