Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Angels, angels everywhere

Do you believe in angels? Another easy wall hanging with appliques pieces. As for chattering angels, that's not so easy. I haven't actually hear one, but perhaps I'm not listening closely enough. Have you ever heard them? What did they say?

p.s. - my grandfather saw one once cross his room when his baby was in hospital. He ran to the window and no one was there. A few hours later, two policeman came to the door and told him that his child had died at the exact time he had woken and seen the shadow. I think it was an angel. The baby's name was Catherine and we still talk about her.


Merry said...

A beautiful wallhanging and beautiful story.

clare's craftroom said...

Lovely wallhanging and such a sad sweet story .

Tertia said...

I do believe in Angels, I have one that has the single job to gaurd my mouth. If he goes to the loo or gets called away on urgent business, I am in real trouble! (I know it sounds flippant, but it is really not intended to be. )
My mom used to say that she could hear the angels laugh. I remember one day when my uncle (not a very nice man- but we love him anyway) was talking to my mom in the garden. Well, not talking, more like shouting because of some or other thing that irritated him. The next minute we heard a splash and then it went very quiet. My mom almost ran into the house, trying not to laugh. When we asked her what happened, she calmly told us my uncle had fallen ento the swimming pool in the middle of his tirade. She was convinced that he was 'pushed' and that she could hear the angels laugh afterwards.
That was the last time I remember my uncle shouting at my mom for no reason. I still LOL when I think about that day.
Lovely wall hanging by the way and thank you for making me smile at that memory so early in the morning.