Saturday, 20 September 2008

Christmas in October

Do you want to create a hand made Christmas? I do, so I start early every year. I want my projects ready to hang on 1 December so I can enjoy them the whole season long.

After touring around Europe this summer, I was so delighted at all of the different versions of Santa Claus I just had to design a quilt.

There’s Pere Noel from France, Kris Kringle from New Amsterdam, Father Christmas from England, Grandfather Frost from Russia
Sinter Klaas from Holland
I was intrigued when I heard about all of the traditions in the different countries – some children hide candy in their shoes, others play practical jokes at Christmas time, and others fear being whipped if they’re naughty by one of santa’s helpers. So I did a bit of research about each Santa and found loads of delightful stories.

When I show-and-telled my project to my sewing group and I had requests from fifteen of the twenty gals for the pattern, I had to make it. I’ve loved seeing how so many of them have made my quilt their own by adding embellishments and fancy stitching.

So I thought I would offer this to the sewers out there who want to make a one of a kind quilted wall hanging. It will be available for purchase soon (when I figure out how to add this to my web page) and includes the applique patterns for all six santas, easy to follow instructions, and fun facts about the santas from around the world.

Go on an European Christmas tour without ever leaving your sewing room!


EllieB said...

Love the Santas.

Tufnel1 said...

these are fantastic

Anonymous said...

O.M.Gosh these are sooo cute. Would love to make one as a Christmas present.