Monday, 16 June 2008

And you thought the English were reserved...

Oh my gosh! Nakedness has hit London and I missed it. (yeah, right!) Yesterday, the world naked bike ride rode through London. Some wore wigs and crazy hats. Others sported body paint and a few Superman capes. Click on the link to see photos:

Apparently another bike ride is riding through London, so if you're interested, continue checking the BBC website for details.

On a more reserved note, I'm in my final week of a year long cake decorating evening class. From being massively disappointed with the grade on my first cake and having my heart broken (I loved the cake), I just found out that on my two tier wedding cake, I received 100% which is almost unheard of in this country. Hurray! Here's what the last one looked like.

Next week I'll have photos of my first two cakes. The cake class end of term party extravaganza is next Tuesday, so hopefully, I'll get to take a few photos of my classmates' cakes. We might actually see some cake which will be the first time this year since all of our cake decorating has been done on styrofoam!